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Thursday, 26 April 2012

"Top - 10 must-have health & fitness apps"

10 must-have health & fitness apps

Between trying to track your calorie intake and staying on top of your fitness goals, healthy living can sometimes be tricky. Luckily, there are many mobile phone apps to make the process easier. For the best tools to keep you motivated and on track, check out these 10 must-have health and fitness apps.
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"The best apps for your mobile"

YouTube, Google Maps and Facebook were among the best smartphone apps crowned at last night's Appy awards. The Telegraph’s Matt Warman on being a judge, and what’s coming next

Best travel: Google Maps 
Cinema has the Oscars, video games have their own Baftas – this year, mobile phone apps can claim for the first time that they are entering the same league. In a glittering ceremony at London’s Battersea Power Station, last night the Appy awards came of age.
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"Google Drive: iCloud, Dropbox, SkyDrive and Box comparison"

Google has launched Drive, its online storage service. We look at how it compares to Dropbox, iCloud and others.

Google launched Drive this week.
Google Drive - Web, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS (tba)
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"CamCard for Android review"

This excellent app lets you automatically save and recognise business card information.

The CamCard app recognises the text on business cards
The CamCard app recognises the text on business cards 
CamCard is one of those casually life-changing apps – in short, by recognising text on
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"Fujifilm X10 camera review"

The Fujifilm X10 comes with an impressive range of features but the camera will really win you over with its looks, writes Shane Richmond.

Fujifilm X10 compact digital camera
The Fujifilm X10 has an elegant, slightly retro design. 
Fujifilm X10
£379.00 (Amazon)
For the last couple of years, I've taken almost all my photos with my mobile phone. This is partly the result of mobile phone cameras becoming good enough for most casual photographs and partly a matter of convenience. I always have my phone with me so it has become the camera I reach for most of the time.
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"O2 opens Wallet to enter mobile payments race"

O2 has announced a smartphone payment system, called O2 Wallet, to rival Barclays, Google and PayPal.

O2's Wallet app promises to be 'seamless and secure' 
The app can transfer from £1 to £500 between mobile phones but does not yet let customers buy items in shops.
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"Amazon Takes Another Step Toward B2B With Amazon Supply"

The company bought Kiva Systems, which designs warehouse robots, for $775 million in March. The volume of products sold by third parties on its site rose to 36 percent: Amazon gets a commission on services provided to these third party retailers instead of earning a profit on the difference between the retail and wholesale price as a store owner would. Amazon is also a pioneer in cloud computing services.
The drift, ultimately, could transform the company into a competitor to FedExor DHL, I speculated, or cause it to calve off its business services as a separate entity.
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"Apple: Analyst Ups Target To $1,111; Worth A Trillion Bucks?"

While Apple shares stumbled around for a few weeks heading into last night’s impressive March quarter report, the stock is back in vogue again this morning, thanks to both a big beat on iPhone sales in the quarter, and huge momentum in China.
Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White, who only recently made news by setting a $1,001 target price on Apple shares, this morning lifted his target to a symmetrical $1,111.
I would note that what he’s calling for, basically, is for Apple to be the first company with a valuation over $1 trillion. (With about 932 million shares out, the company would actually hit that level at a price of roughly $1,072.)
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"Intel ivy bridge 3d chip most important development of last 60 year"

Intel Corporation said that PCs with chips from its new generation of processors, featuring a revolutionary design, will be available this week.
Intel Ivy Bridge
A view through an electron microscope of Intel's old 32 nanometre chip structure on the left and the 3D structure the new 22 nanometre chips on the right. Picture: Courtesy of Intel
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""Say goodbye to hard drives: Google Drive offers free Online Storage

Say goodbye to hard drives: Google Drive offers free online storage for videos and photos

  • Google Drive cloud service offers up to 16TB of storage  
  • Users can simply drag and drop files into the cloud 
  • Service also offers Google Docs 
  • Employee leaks images of Google Drive 
Google Drive
Google Drive is compatible with Android, iPhones and iPads.
IT'S long been rumoured, but Google finally confirmed the existence of Google Drive, its free online storage service that could render hard-drives obsolete.
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"Headphones music to your ears"

Headphones review - Monster Gratitude, Sennheiser HD 439, a-Jays Four and more
switched on headphones
The Sennheiser HD 439 headphones.

OLD music can sound new again with the right headphones, writes Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson.
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"The very best TV technology today"

Switched on Tv
Panasonic will offer passive TV on some screens.
IT'S a big year for the small screen.
Not only is the world's biggest sporting event just 93 days away, the television will this year have to compete with a plethora of other screens in the house, from smartphones to tablets.
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"Google Drive Privacy Scare: Users find cloud behind silver lining"

Google cloud
It didn't take long for users to pick apart Google Drive's
 terms of service, revealing massive privacy and
intellectual property flaws. Picture: Google
GOOGLE is already facing spasms of suspicion and confusion as it tries to persuade people to entrust their personal documents, photos and other digital content to the company's new online storage service.

That became apparent shortly after Tuesday's release of the long-awaited Google Drive service. Before the day was over, technology blogs and Twitter users were picking apart a legal clause that made it sound as if all the users' content stored in Google Drive automatically would become the intellectual property of Google Inc.

That could have meant authors writing their next novels and employees collaborating on spreadsheets with confidential data would find all that suddenly belonging to Google.
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